[Mac OS X TeX] Fonts, Illustrator and much frustration

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Jul 5 22:59:37 CEST 2001

>costanzo asked:
>  > ... So where do we find these fonts, will they work with teTeX, and
>>  will mere mortals be able to install them?

and I replied:
>Wouldn't the various virtual-fonted for math support Type 1 font sets
>such as tx, pa, etc. work?

Then gray asked:
>See, this is the problem -- I don't understand what this means. To 
>paraphrase a line from Chicken Run ... Is that English? :-)

My apologies.

Here's the breakdown.

> virtual-fonted
 - a ``virtual'' font is one which is re-encoded on-the-fly for one
reason or other, this allows one to combine multiple fonts into what
seems to be a single font to TeX.

> math support Type 1 font sets
 - TeX math fonts have to be especially set up

>such as tx
 - here's where you find the tx fonts:


Hmm, this may not work... from the docs...

> 7.5 Glyphs in Low Positions
> It is known that Acrobat often does not properly handle CM font glyphs placed between "00 and "1F. Thus,
> most Type 1 versions of CM fonts publicly available have these glyphs in higher positions above "7F. When
> the -G flag is used with dvips, those glyphs in low positions are shifted to higher positions. The TX text
> fonts have glyphs in the low positions between "00 and "1F. As of now, these glyphs are not available
> in higher positions above "7F. Thus, when run dvips, do not use the -G flag (or remove G in the dvips
> configuration file). Especially, do not use config.pdf. In my computer systems, Acrobat correctly handles
> glyphs in low positions. However, if this known Acrobat problem occurs in other computer systems, I will
> modify the TX fonts so that glyphs in low positions are also available in higher positions.

Have you tried using the -G flag in dvips with Type 1 CM fonts?


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