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Ahmed Hussein hussein at unbc.ca
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<x-flowed iso-8859-1>
You need to set the depths of the table of contents by:


the "5" determines the depth.

> Subject: \tableofcontents doesn' t work with TexShop
> From: "Jean-Christophe Amé" <ame at esbs.u-strasbg.fr>
> Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 18:26:14 +0200
> Dear All,
> I cannot make \tableofcontents to work with TeXShop1.11. Whereas the
> same settings work well with OzTeX.
> It leaves a blank space instead. The .aux  and .toc files are properly
> created...
> Any applanations ???
> Thanks in advance.
> Jean-Christophe

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