[Mac OS X TeX] How to make a postscript file in MacOS X?

James Owen jhgowen at mac.com
Wed Jul 11 02:16:11 CEST 2001

On Wednesday, July 11, 2001, at 06:37  am, Charles Bouldin wrote:

> Under MacOS 9.1 I make perfect postscript files by just using the built 
> in postscript print-to-file in the Laserwriter8 printer driver. Under 
> MacOS X, the print to file capability prints to a .pdf file. So what is 
> the universal mechanism to create a .ps file under MacOS X (without 
> using classic)?
> I have a reason for asking. I presently use both TeXShop and Textures 
> (under classic). I have always created postscript files for Textures 
> and then embedded them with epsfig or similar macro package. I recently 
> upgraded GraphicConverter to the carbon version and now I can't print 
> .ps files because the native
> version of GC will only print to .pdf files. So, my technique for 
> easily getting arbitrary programs to export graphics to Textures is 
> broken.

If you have installed TeXShop 1.1, then it will have installed 
Ghostscript. Graphic Converter can use Ghostscript to convert files from 
any format to .eps files. I use this as my standard TeX graphics cration 
method, given all the pdf bugs around.
So don't print to pdf, save as eps. You can use Convert more... to batch 
process several graphics files at once.

All hail Graphic Converter!  ;-)


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