[Mac OS X TeX] Text Editor, spell checker, and TeX engine interoperability

Jacques Distler distler at golem.ph.utexas.edu
Fri Aug 31 04:49:05 CEST 2001

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"William Adams" <wadams at atlis.com> wrote:

>FWIW, I find TeXView.app with Dmitri Linde's InstantTeX (.pdf manual for
>this available from my web site for those who're interested) quite as
>nice as Textures 1.7.7 which we have here at work. Better really, 'cause
>it's available to other applications via Services (TeX eq -> eps), and
>one gets Display PostScript, etc... I suppose I should at least try
>Textures 2.1 demo....

  . . . which is VASTLY superior to InstantTeX.

1) because it works seamlessly with external editors like alpha, 
which is infinitely superior to the internal editor in Textures 
(which, in turn is a fair bit better than the lousy editor, TeXedit, 
in InstantTeX).

2) because of "Synchronicity": click on a point in the DVI file, and 
you are take to the corresponding point in the TeX source (even if 
you are editing the TeX source in alpha); do the same in the TeX 
source and you jump to the corresponding point in the DVI preview.

There's supposed to be a similar effect in the TeX log window (click 
on an error  and . . .), but I never could get that to work with 

3) alpha interfaces seamlessly with Excalibur, which is an infinitely 
better LaTeX-aware spellchecker than ispell (which shouldn't really 
be called "LaTeX-aware" at all).

4) because you could export a page of the DVI preview to Adobe 
Illustrator format. Very handy for preparing figures; you could 
typeset equations in TeX and (after exporting) drag them into your 
figure in Illustrator.

[I know that -- because everything was Display Postscript -- you 
*could* do similar things with NeXTStep apps. But I never did manage 
to do what I described above using TeXview.app.]

(who wishes for an OSX native alpha even more than he wishes for an 
OSX native Textures)

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