[Mac OS X TeX] PROSPER and non-Landscape PDF's

hugh neary neary at econ.ubc.ca
Thu Aug 2 19:46:35 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>PROSPER .pdf's display (correctly) as Landscape in TeXShop and in 
Acrobat Reader, but they display as Portrait in third-party presentation 
software, such as UPresent. A Troubleshooting note with the Prosper 
distribution says in part:
		** Slide orientation is in portrait instead of landscape when 
viewed in PDF
		-> two possible reasons for this: you did not choose the `pdf' option
		of prosper; or you have translated the PostScript file with ps2pdf
		coming with GNU GhostScript. GNU GhostScript (at least v. 5.10) has
		been reported to fail switching correctly the orientation. You should
		upgrade to Aladdin GhostScript 6.0 or above (see also next question).

First, I have chosen the pdf option of prosper (in the documentclass 
options). Second, I am using TeXShop 1.11 and the associated teTeX, but 
do not know what version of GhostScript this uses. I do not believe that 
this is the issue however. If I take the .ps file created by TeXShop and 
run macps2pdf, Tom Kiffe's utility that uses Ghostscript 6.01, the same 
problem exists: the resulting .pdf is Portrait. Likewise, if I run his 
MacGhostView on the .ps file the orientation begins as Portrait but can 
be changed to Landscape. This new orientation cannot be saved however.

Does anyone know how to get the .pdf output from Prosper to be Landscape 
rather than Portrait for use when importing to a presentation program?

Hugh Neary
neary at econ.ubc.ca

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