[Mac OS X TeX] [Q] TeXShop environment variables?

Arun Mangalam arun_mangalam at mac.com
Mon Aug 27 20:44:43 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>I did a little test with my own test-app and TeXShop, and, if launched 
>from the Finder, I found both not inheriting any paths defined in my 
.*cshrc file. They inherit paths from Finder (which hardly has anything: 
/bin, /usr/bin, ~).

However, if launched from the Terminal, they inherit all my defined 

Here is a line of code that can be used to get the current environment 

     NSDictionary *env = [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] environment];

and you can use the following to set the variables to an NSTask before 

     NSTask *aTask;
     [aTask setEnvironment:newEnv];
     [aTask launch];

Maybe it would be better to have a table in the Preferences window to 
define the environment such as TEX, TEXPATH, PATH, SHELL, etc. and maybe 
if a CVS revisioning system is included in the future ;) there could be 

IN ANY CASE, I had to resort to these tests because I couldn't get 
TeXShop to run ConTeXt's texexec for some reason ...

- Arun

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