[Mac OS X TeX] Text Editor, spell checker, and TeX engine interoperability

Philippe Lelédy phl at leledy.org
Wed Aug 29 08:09:47 CEST 2001

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Michael Goldweber wrote:

> I have always been a firm believer that each application should do 
> one thing well and easily interoperate with companion applications. 

I agree.

My opinion: 

EDITORS: Alpha is the first, xemacs+auctex the second (far belong Alpha).
        Others as far belong xemacs+auctex.

TeX ENGINES: -1- teTeX -2- CMacTeX -3- OzTeX  

PREVIEWERS: Unix previewers (they are much more fast than MacOS ones and
preView.app or TeX-Shop.app don't retain magnification, as do gv and
xdvi), except xpdf which is poor.

POST-PROCESSORS: Unix post-processors. (dvips, dvipdfm)

SPELL CHECKERS: -1- xemacs+aspell (aspell is like ispell) -2- Excalibur

Conclusion, I use Alpha under MacOS 9.1 in conjunction with teTeX
and previewers under UNIX.

One box has both Alpha running on MOL and teTeX running on LinuxPPC, the
other has Alpha running on Classic and teTeX on MacOS X (fink).

Of course, integration is poor, but, for the MacOS X, I have some ideas to
get it better. 

The best would be Alpha under MacOS X, but it not an OpenSource project,
but rather an closed source project so its many enthousiast users can't
help reducing the delay.

One can try AlphaTK, which works under MacOS X (X11/fink environment), it
works, but integration is still poor b/c  AlphaTK  a clone of classic
Alpha so it remains very MacOS centric and classic MacOS is obviously not  
available to AlphaTK.


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