[Mac OS X TeX] Text Editor, spell checker, and TeX engineinteroperability

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Aug 30 15:56:16 CEST 2001

j-beda said:

> I thought that there was some sort of generalized services ability
> tightly integrated into NeXT and now with OS X available for Cocoa
> applications - beyond just word services?

> I don't have OS X booted
> currently, but isn't this how OS X Mail and other Cocoa programs doe spell
> checking?
Yes. Unfortunately, Carbon programs don't have access to this (thus far
in public releases), and no Carbon programmer has hit upon the technique
of parsing the exceptions list for the built-in spell checker and
passing stuff into that.

> I thought that these services were planned on being available
> for Carbon applications in some future system update as well.
Hopefully with 10.1, at the Expo, the machines on the floor showed a
(greyed out) Services menu within Carbon apps.

>         Has there been any souped up OS X spell checker transferred from
> old NeXT code?

ispell was of course available, not sure if there was a wrapper for it
which made it available within NeXT apps. The standard spell checker was
quite serviceable though, and its ubiquity is simply unmatched in other
environments. (GNUstep is working on a spell checker based on ispell if
memory serves) The normal thing to do was to create specialized
dictionaries (for languages not provided/supported, or technical

FWIW, I find TeXView.app with Dmitri Linde's InstantTeX (.pdf manual for
this available from my web site for those who're interested) quite as
nice as Textures 1.7.7 which we have here at work. Better really, 'cause
it's available to other applications via Services (TeX eq -> eps), and
one gets Display PostScript, etc... I suppose I should at least try
Textures 2.1 demo....

Another interesting thing is ``dvichop'' which Jonathan Fine has been
working on (and which Dr. Art Ogawa presented for him at this past TUG
convention)---very Unixy, requires emacs (which I suppose I should


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