[lucida] Lucida OT equality symbol looks faint in Adobe Acrobat

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at icloud.com
Sun Aug 14 23:43:55 CEST 2022

Given Karl wrote

> In principle there should be no hints in Lucida fonts, unless FontForge
> decided to add them on its own hook. B&H (intentionally) never defined
> them. FWIW, my recollection is that hinting lines shown in FF are thin.

and James wrote

> it has been ages since i've used fontforge, but those are likely the
> blue zones, which are used for t1-style hinting.

I went back to the original Mac version of the fonts, prepared by Y&Y, which I purchased from Blue Sky Research in the mid-9Os, to see whether there was any mention of hinting.

There is, in the ReadMe file (dated February 21, 1995), line 307:

> The fonts are all fully hinted (both character-level and font-level),
> and so will render well even on low-resolution (on screen) and
> medium-resolution (laser printer) devices.  The fonts are completely
> compliant with the Type 1 specification and, in addition, are ATM
> compatible (which is a tighter constraint). 

Most likely, the hinting was hand-made and added by Y&Y. I don't know how much of it survives in the current OpenType version.

I was, like Karl, under the impression there was no hinting in Lucida, but I was probably mixing things up with kerning: there was no kerning in Lucida, an experimental one was developed by Y&Y before they closed but it was never included in the fonts. It survives now in the form of an option in the lucida-otf LaTex package.

Attached are the two original ReadMe files that came with the fonts. The mention of hinting is in "Read Me!" (not "TeX Read Me!").

Bruno Voisin

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