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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Sat Mar 11 11:58:16 CET 2017

> Le 10 mars 2017 à 22:22, Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> a écrit :
> However, it *is* very easy to add a directory tree with other binaries
> iff you have a (multiplatform) TeX Live installation from tug.org and
> have write permissions in /usr/local/texlive.  The latter should be
> true if the computer is yours.
> It's very simple. Assume your platform is i368-linux:
>  cd /usr/local/texlive/2016/bin
>  cp -a i368-linux my-i368-linux
> That's all.  Now you can replace the luatex binary in
>  /usr/local/texlive/2016/bin/my-i368-linux
> There is no need to touch any config file.

Reinhard (and Luigi and David),

Thanks for the help and suggestions. Actually it's possible to go further than this on the Mac, but one problem remains though which I don't think can be solved (format building, see at the end).

What I've done:

- Download the developments version of LuaTeX. By the way, the links at <http://www.luatex.org/download.html> are partially wrong: there is no link to the 64-bit intel binary, and conversely there is one for a universal binary (ppc + i386) which no longer exists. So I've just downloaded


- Create as you suggest copies of the binary directories

  cd /usr/local/texlive/2016/bin
  sudo cp -a x86_64-darwin dev-x86_64
  sudo cp -a universal-darwin dev-i386
  sudo cp -a universal-darwin dev-ppc

and replace the luatex binaries inside by those just downloaded.

- Then create a Mac collection of symlinks, called a TeXDist directory structure, allowing to switch immediately from one TeX distribution to another (used when testing texlive-year+1-beta against texlive-year, for example) with one mouse click in the GUI TeX Live Utility or use of the CLI texdist.

The script for creating this structure, called TeXLive-Dev say, is attached (based heavily on Dick Koch's postinstall script for MacTeX). Then, for example:

  $ texdist --texdist=TeXLive-2016 "luatex --version"
  This is LuaTeX, Version 0.95.0 (TeX Live 2016)
  $ texdist --texdist=TeXLive-Dev "luatex --version"
  This is LuaTeX, Version 1.0.3 (TeX Live 2017/dev)
  $ texdist --current
  $ sudo texdist --setcurrent=TeXLive-Dev
  $ texdist --current

- Alas, what I had forgotten (again) is that formats are specific to a binary. So running Norbert's example returned a "fatal file format; I'm stymied" error, and required a

  sudo fmtutil-sys --byengine luatex

After that everything works well. But then again the formats would have to be recompiled to go back to TeXLive-2016.

So I think there is really no one-command/one-click way to switch between different sets of binaries for a given TeX Live tree. What is needed is have two fully functional separate trees side-by side, as Luigi suggested. Which probably leads to something similar to the ConTeXt Mac installation described at


(which I assumes originates from the work of Mojca Miklavec).

I'll stop looking at this anyway, this is too time-consuming (and probably not worth the effort).


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