[lucida] luatex hangs on lucida OT test file

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Thu Mar 9 15:09:47 CET 2017

> None of this has the slightest effect!

Complain to luatex maintainers about not reusing the ls-R database
and kpsewhich, but implementing their own solution.

That is life with luatex (and context), and that is the reason
most distributions scare away from it, why context is updated
only once a year on CTAN (TL), and if you really want to use 
new luatex (or context), you need to install your own extra
distribution (context minimals).

Sad it is, I have to say, but this is the reality requested and
forced by the "new world order".

I could repeat the same outside, <rant>, though. I know Hans and
others will come up with 150^100 reasons why their way is better
in all ways, but it does not help, since the rest of the world
does not completely agree.

> I'm done, this is simply way above my league and has consumed far too much time already. Will wait for TeX Live 2017.

That is probably the best way out anyway. Lots of pain for not so
much gain.


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