[lucida] lucida-amsmath.tex for Lucida OpenType fonts?

Bruno Voisin bgvoisin at orange.fr
Sun Aug 6 19:12:20 CEST 2017

> Le 6 août 2017 à 17:12, John H Lienhard <lienhard at mit.edu> a écrit :
> Is there a version of TUG’s lucida-amsmath.tex sample code that is set up for use with the Lucida OpenType fonts, say under XeLaTeX?

Until recently, the only way to use OpenType Lucida was by direct calls to fontspec (for text) and unicode-math (for math). Code for doing that are in the lucida-opentype example (lucidaot.tex) at


Here's a version of lucida-amsmath.tex modified for Lucida OT. The code is slightly different from the one in lucidaot.tex, I've pasted it from one of my files (being in a rush), it's safer to stick to the code from lucidaot.tex.

Beware: on my setup this lucida-amsmath.tex works fine with LuaLaTeX but crashes xdvipdfmx when attempting to use XeLaTeX:

	! Internal error: bad native font flag in `map_char_to_glyph'

	xdvipdfmx:fatal: File ended prematurely

I've no idea what causes this and won't be able to test further for the moment. (It may be that I'm using beta versions of the fonts, I don't remember exactly what's installed.)

>  Or an appropriate version of lucida.sty?

Very recently, Herbert Voss has posted on CTAN a package aimed at making the use of Lucida OT more user-friendly, similar to lucidabr :


I can't say more about it, as I haven't had the opportunity to experiment with it yet.

Its release was announced a month ago by Karl Berry on the lucida-dev list (private), but I don't know whether there's been a public announcement.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

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