[lucida] LucidaOT 1.801 released

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Mar 13 23:36:18 CET 2016

I just updated the Lucida OpenType download packages with new versions
from Chuck Bigelow.  Most fonts are now version 1.801.  This is
primarily to fix the bug that Andreas W reported (thanks Andreas!) wrt
bad metrics of some math characters in the text fonts.

As with previous updates, there is no charge for this one.  You can
re-download from the same url that was in your welcome message to get
the new versions.

Here is how I wrote up the changes (http://tug.org/store/lucida/NEWS.txt):

- hint removal in all fonts: it's always been the intent to release the
  Lucida fonts without hints, but we failed to remove the hints from
  most of the fonts in the previous release.  They are gone now. 
  This affected all fonts except the four LucidaGrandeMonoDK* fonts,
  LucidaConsoleDK-Bold, and LucidaConsoleDK-Italic.

- corrected 14 (math) characters in the four LucidaBrightOT text fonts:
    002B plus          00D7 multiply
    003C less          00F7 divide
    003D equal         2212 minus
    003E greater       2248 approxequal
    007E asciitilde    2260 notequal
    00AC logicalnot    2264 lessequal
    00B1 plusminus     2265 greaterequal
  These characters have been copied from the corresponding math fonts,
  as was always the intent.  In 1.800, the metrics especially were in an
  inconsistent state.

Keep those bug reports and/or glyph requests coming ...

Happy Lucida typesetting,

P.S. Perhaps I should mention that many metric differences remain
between the math and text fonts, but these differences are (hopefully)
intentional -- in principle, spacing of characters for text composition
should generally be tighter than for math.  I don't believe there are
any intentional differences in the glyph *shapes*, but I'm not 100% sure :).

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