[lucida] Bounding box of plus sign in LucidaBrightOT

wettstae at gmail.com wettstae at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 18:00:46 CET 2016

> - OpenType fonts do not include these data.

To check what was going on, I loaded LucidaBrightOT.otf into FontForge,
and I saw the too small bounding box there (actually a negative ‘side
bearing’).  So I think that OpenType fonts contain the boundary box data
as well.  We certainly cannot blame luatex or xetex.

As nobody else complained about this, I suspect this is a new issue,
maybe related to this sentence that appears in the NEWS.txt for version

  Glyphs that appear in both math and text fonts are the same.

If someone has the same issue: I currently work around it by corrective
kerning, applied through a FeatureFile (which is a luatex-only feature
available through the fontspec package):

  pos \plus \zero 259;

and similar for other glyphs that appear after plus in the text.


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