[lucida] Debian/Ubuntu packages for the Lucida OT fonts

John Zaitseff J.Zaitseff at zap.org.au
Mon Apr 4 13:34:13 CEST 2016

Announcing: Debian and Ubuntu packages for the Lucida OT fonts!

I have created Debian and Ubuntu packages that allow you to install
the Lucida OT fonts for which you have licences on your own Debian
or Ubuntu systems in the standard Debian/Ubuntu way.  These packages
do NOT contain the fonts: they just let you create your own packages
that do.

How does this work?  You download the source of my package using
"apt-get source fonts-lucidaot", then read and follow the
instructions in the debian/README.Debian file: run a "copy-fonts"
script, run a "build-package" script, and voila! you now have a
fonts-lucidaot_*.deb file that you can install with "dpkg -i".

Why should I bother doing this?  The DEB file you create places the
fonts in /usr/share/fonts/opentype/lucidaot and registers them with
FontConfig.  This makes them available to be used by all
applications on your Debian or Ubuntu system.  Plus, if you have
multiple systems (and your font licence allows you to do so), you
can install the created-once DEB package on each of them.  You could
even create a private APT repository to push any package updates to
all of your machines, as appropriate.

How do I get the package source code?  There are two ways: directly
download the source files from my FTP site; or add appropriate lines
to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

The first way is to find the files "fonts-lucidaot_2.dsc" and
"fonts-lucidaot_2.tar.gz" by browsing ftp://ftp.zap.org.au/pub/debian:
go to the dists/zapgroup-DISTRIBUTION/PACKAGE-TYPE/source directory
(DISTRIBUTION is something like jessie or xenial, PACKAGE-TYPE is
either contrib or restricted).

The second, and easier, way is explained in detail in the file
ftp://ftp.zap.org.au/pub/debian/README: you just add four or six
lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.  This also lets you easily download
the updated package source code when it is updated.

Why can't you (John) just distribute the complete package (with
fonts)?  Because that would violate the font licence.  But I am
happy to work with the TeX Users Group and/or others if this can be
done LEGALLY (perhaps in the same way that the ZIP files are
currently distributed).

Let me know if you find this helpful.  Your feedback is warmly
welcomed!  If there is demand, I can work on a package that also
creates the links needed for the Debian/Ubuntu TeX system.

Yours truly,

John Zaitseff

John Zaitseff                    ,--_|\    The ZAP Group
Phone:  +61 2 9643 7737         /      \   Sydney, Australia
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