[lucida] Adobe Illustrator does not display LucidaBrightMathOT or LucidaBrightMathOT-Demi

Sarina Bromberg sarina.bromberg at att.net
Mon Sep 30 22:52:34 CEST 2013

Today I downloaded the Lucida Bright Open Type fonts to use in Adobe Illustrator CS 5.1 or 6. on my iMac OSX 10.8.4. I installed the files in the System/Library/Fonts folder both using the Font Book.app and per the alternative instructions that came with the download. I also tried installing in my user library/fonts directory. I removed any duplicates in the process of trying methods of downloading.

In either version of AI (5.1 or 6) the font finders showed all the new Lucida font families, except the ones I need, the LucidaBrightMathOT and LucidaBrightMathOT-Demi (the publisher will only accept figures made with the OT versions). I see that these fonts were last modified on Sep 23, while the others go back to Jan 14. This suggests to me that something happened in the recent revision that is causing those fonts to be unavailable to Adobe Illustrator. 

Can anyone help me to fix this problem?

Many thanks.

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