[lucida] math italic?

Shay Riggs shay.riggs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 10:29:23 CEST 2013

Hi Sarina,

The Lucida Bright Math OT already contains the italic variable characters
you’re after; it’s just that they can be a little hard to access.

In Adobe Illustrator, for example, you need to use the Glyphs pallette,
choose Lucida Bright Math OT, then scroll around halfway down, and you’ll
find the math italic, math bold, script styles and so on.

I would imagine that other GUI software works in a similar way.

If you are using something along the lines of PGF or PSTricks with LuaLaTeX
or XeTeX, I think you can use math mode in the usual fashion and it should
just work.

Failing that, you could always use Lucida Bright OT Italic, although you
will miss out on the slightly more distinguishable shapes of the math

Hope this help!


On 24 October 2013 02:07, Sarina Bromberg <sarina.bromberg at att.net> wrote:

> Dear Lucida typographers,
> I'm working on a textbook with a publisher who will only allow me to use
> Open Type fonts in the figures. The entire book will be set in Lucida
> fonts, with Lucida New Math Alt Italic for the variables. It sure would
> help the students if the variables in the figures were also italic. Do you
> have any plans to come out with a Lucida Math Ital OT in the coming months
> or years?
> Many Thanks,
> Sarina Bromberg
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> sarina.bromberg at att.net
> (650) 879-1492
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