[lucida] Problems with Installation

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Wed Jul 24 20:56:56 CEST 2013

Le 24 juil. 2013 à 20:24, ulrike demske <udemske at googlemail.com> a écrit :

> Thanks for your hint considering case sensitivity. Unfortunately, this doesn't help. It looks very much the same as before.

Could you be more specific? Do you mean that, after disabling Lucida.map, then when you try enabling lucida.map you get the same message about a missing map file?

Looking again at your original message, I'm realizing you say that "sudo -H kpsewhich lucida.map" gives no result. That means you've not put it at the right place.

Running "kpsewhich --show-path=map" shows that, in TEXMFLOCAL, the appropriate places are


On my setup, the places I used are, for typical files,





Places for you may be slightly different, especially for the doc files: I built my own installation based on the files from CTAN and fonts purchased from PCTeX, hence I don't exactly which TDS-compliant distro TUG is providing.

In any case, I'm getting

	$ kpsewhich lucida.map

Also, the TUG instructions say "unzip the archive as retrieved. It unpacks into subdirectories fonts/, tex/, and so on". I know people who do that on the Mac (ie, unpack a whole zip archive into a pre-existing directory hierarchy), for example Dick Koch  of TeXShop and MacTeX fame does it.

But I must admit I don't know how to do this myself (maybe it requires the command line), so usually I end up just double-clicking the zip archive on the Desktop then moving manually all the subdirectories into place one by one.

Not sure that helps here though.

Bruno Voisin

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