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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jul 24 04:22:32 CEST 2013

Hi everyone,

many emails, many advises, many errors.

Let us go through the bunch.

First: Bruno's advise is perfect. Please follow it.

On Di, 23 Jul 2013, ivo welch wrote:
> I just upgraded to texlive 2013, and of course the lucida fonts have
> to be reinstalled again.   grrr....  and, of course, I am screwing up
> something again.   super-grrr....

This is the reason why since TL2013 we have introduced the new
method for updmap to read all configuration files. That means, if
you follow Bruno's advise in putting the map file into
then it should not be necessary anymore in future.

Now for one of your errors:

> step 5.  I would conclude with
>     grep -i luc `kpsewhich updmap.cfg`
> should now show
>    Map lucida.map

You should have showed also the output of
	kpsewhich updmap.cfg

and later:
> which are not from today.  so, presumably, here is where I went sour.
> and 'rm -rf ~/.texlive2013 ; updmap' fixed the problem.  somehow, the
> existence of ~/.texlive2013/ prevented the proper update.

Now here is the problem. You have to decide *once* if you want
your TeX Live system for yourself, and manage everything as
administrator of the installation, or you have the installation
and in addition user changes in you home dir.

Now, if you have *once* called "updmap" without the -sys, there will
be files as mentioned in your email that will hide the system files.

After that, whatever you do as root or TL sysadmin (-sys calls)
will not help and change anything for you.

Simple recommendation:
* single user/private installation
  install everything into /usr/local/texlive/YYYY
  user TEXMFLOCAL (wherever you have it) for your fonts
  add the map files to TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/updmap.cfg
  *only*!!! run -sys variants

* shared installation with override
  put your files into TEXMFHOME
  put the map files into TEXMFHOME/web2c/updmap.cfg
  always when there are problems, re-run updmap (without the -sys),
  then retry

On Di, 23 Jul 2013, Karl Berry wrote:
>     What they describe is the "old-fashioned" way 
> And yet, the old-fashioned way is still supposed to work just fine,
> which is why I did not change the instructions.  It's not clear to me

Yes it works, and is the best way, as you wrote in the descriptions
	--enable Map ...
is *nearly* optimal.
(nearly: it selectes TEXMF(SYS)CONFIG for newly added map files,
even if the map file itself is located in TEXMFLOCAL, AFAIR!)

As Bruno wrote, the only confusion is about -sys versus user install.

THis is something we will never be able to fix completely, unless
- abolish the -sys variants
- make the original scripts be default work as admin level
- only allow user mode action when a command line argument is 
	updmap --usermode ...

This is what I do in tlmgr. And I believe it is the only safe way
to force people to think about what they are doing.

> Speaking here only for the Mac: it's been a long time since I stopped helping debug such things on the OS X TeX list, but at the time (ie up to September 2008) the problems were almost always caused by incorrect combination of sudo, updmap-sys and updmap.

Yes indeed, that is the worst. And that is the reason why we should
abolish -sys scripts ;-)

> What I thought had changed is that Norbert, realizing that, had modified updmap-sys such that it sets $HOME to root's home on launch. But looking at updmap-sys.sh, I can't see this in the code. And I can't find the message where Norbert wrote about that on the MacTeX list. So I must admit I'm confused.

Yes, we changed the perl code in updmap.pl, not the -sys variant.

On Di, 23 Jul 2013, Karl Berry wrote:
> As for debugging: we have all spent far more time on updmap-related
> madness than we want to.  Problems always remain.  What I always want to
> get to the bottom of is where the instructions can/need to be changed.
> In this and most past cases, that remains a mystery, to me anyway.

As Bruno wrote, full explanation for the two cases, all user files
or system/user files separation.

Or, get rid of -sys files.

Enough for today ... enjoy


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