[lucida] Large braces, question and/or feature request

Tobias Columbus tobias.columbus at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 14:46:12 CEST 2013

Hi Karl,

That sounds very promising! Thanks a lot! I had a look at an
unimath-symbols.pdf from 2011, where Cambria Math has curly braces at least
at a slightly larger size than Lucida Math. Said document can be found
I do not own Cambria Math or MathTimesPro, so that I cannot check up to
which size they support curly braces.


On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 11:32 PM, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

> Hi Tobias,
>     - addition of glyphs for large curly braces in Lucida Bright Math
> OpenType
>     just as in MathTimesPro or Cambria Math, or
> Just adding the glyphs shouldn't be hard (indeed, Chuck and Kris might
> well already have drawn them).  Getting the right thing to happen with
> TeX and OpenType sounds much more difficult :).  Will discuss.
>     - addition of glyphs for small straight braces and a font feature to
>     enable/disable them.
> Likewise.
> Thanks,
> k
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