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Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Fri May 11 11:17:25 CEST 2012

On 10/05/2012, at 20:36, Karl Berry wrote:

>    Here is a proposal
> Thanks much.  I updated http://tug.org/store/lucida/lucida-type1.pdf and
> .tex (after some editing).  Hope it suits, and helps future oldstyle
> typesetters :).
> Thanks again,

Sorry to have to still point out something. The three-line examples you give at the end of Subsection 2.3 work in the T1 case, but in the LY1 case the italic one does not; probably you didn't notice this because the sample document is typeset in T1. In the LY1 case, \textit{\oldstylenums{1235724680}} produces oldstyle upright figures. I suppose a smarter re-definition of \oldstylenums is needed for that; maybe Bruno might help here. Anyway, this works when calligraphic fonts are the default italics, as noted at the end of Section 3, but mentioning this here would unnecessarily complicate the issue. 

Besides, in the "basic example" you write

\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % or LY1

in order to indicate the alternative encoding. I would add another note on the following line:

\usepackage{textcomp} % unnecessary in the LY1 case

to get things clearer.


Josep Maria

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