[lucida] Old style numerals with small caps

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Fri May 4 19:02:11 CEST 2012

Le 4 mai 2012 à 17:06, Josep Maria Font a écrit :

> Has anyone experienced this behaviour and/or has some advice on how to recover our beloved old-style numerals ?

Two things:

- To get oldstyle nums in small caps, it seems you need to use LY1 encoding, not T1. Namely, replace




- \oldstylenums is defined by the textcomp package (to be used together with T1 encoding), but it seems this has been disabled recently. Says the doc of the lucimatx package (the PCTeX Lucida support package):

	Current textcomp blocks \oldstylenums in family hlh, because OsF are not available in all shapes

At the same time they propose a fix


which does work. (Namely, with lucidabr loaded, keep \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}, add \usepackage{textcomp} and the above line -- this will make \oldstylenums work, but won't do anything about the small caps.)

Finally, again there's a simpler solution with the OpenType Lucida fonts, should you consider purchasing them from TUG. Namely, just use fontspec and write


when loading the font. As a result, replace



	  BoldFont={* Demibold},
	  BoldItalicFont={* Demibold Italic},
	  ]{Lucida Bright OT}
	  BoldFont={* Demibold},
	  BoldItalicFont={* Demibold Italic}
	  ]{Lucida Sans OT}
	\setmonofont{Lucida Sans Typewriter OT}
	  BoldFont={* Demibold}
	  ]{Lucida Bright Math OT}

The additional BoldFont etc. instructions are for LuaLaTeX which (last I tried 6 weeks ago) had problems recognizing that demibold should be used as bold, and similarly the +itlc raw OpenType feature adds italic corrections. These additional instructions are not necessary with XeLaTeX.

Hope this helps,


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