[lucida] Lucida OpenType available from TUG

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 16 18:49:01 CET 2012

Hello Lucida-interested folks,

I'll be making wider announcements soon, but I wanted this mailing list
to be the first to know that the Lucida OpenType fonts are now available
from TUG -- http://tug.org/lucida has documents, samples, and ordering

These new OpenType fonts contain many more characters than the Lucida
Type 1 fonts (which remain available, by the way).  There is also a full
OpenType math font that works with LuaTeX and XeTeX, as well as non-TeX

Many people contributed to the effort, but primary thanks must go to
Bigelow & Holmes for doing the design work (of course!), and Khaled
Hosny for the technical work.

We all hope others will find these new fonts useful and beautiful :).

Karl (on behalf of the whole Lucida OpenType project)

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