[lucida] Bug in lucida ligature handling

Jaap-Henk Hoepman jhh at cs.ru.nl
Fri Aug 3 11:16:45 CEST 2012

Dear Karl,

I appear to have 2 versions of the fonts (although they claim to have
been created at exactly the same time..., but the bounding box is different)

%!PS-AdobeFont-1.1: LucidaBright 1.008
%%CreationDate: 1993 Aug 11 14:19:28
/FontBBox{-286 -211 1014 967}readonly def
/UniqueXX 5029001 def

%!PS-AdobeFont-1.1: LucidaBright 1.009
%%CreationDate: 1993 Aug 11 14:19:28
/FontBBox{-286 -211 1014 928}readonly def
(no Unique id in here)

The problem also occurs with the outline versions of the cmr fonts.

You are probably right about the fact that not the full fonts are
embedded in the .ps.

What I cannot explain is that a run of ps2pdf in 1999 over the .ps file
produced a .pdf file that Bluebeam PDF Revu correctly displays, while a
run of ps2dpf (or Distiller) in 2012 does not...

I will contact BlueBeam supprt as well of course, but the reason I also
contacted you guys is because this seems to be related to the way
encodings are handles either when generating the .ps or when generating
the .pdf. Note that when using pdflatex to generate the .pdf directly,
the problem does not appear.


On 03/08/2012 00:13, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Jaap-Henk,
> I'm sorry, but I don't know how to even begin to help.  I've never heard
> of "Bluebeam pdf revu".
> What I can tell you is that the Type 1 Lucida fonts have not changed
> since 1999, wrt the location of the ligatures or in any other way.  I
> suspect for quite a bit longer than that.  The dates on my pfb files
> (coming from Y&Y) are from 1998, and I don't know if that was merely a
> timestamp accident or what.
> But I guess that does not even matter, since you say your .ps has the
> full fonts anyway (which shouldn't have been done, but anyway).  So any
> external fonts are presumably irrelevant ...
> Best,
> Karl

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