[lucida] Lucida compilation size

Vic Norton vic at norton.name
Fri Apr 29 15:50:18 CEST 2011

I use the lucidabr package regularly because I like the looks of the fonts. However, I have just discovered that the lucidabr package can have a substantial affect on the size of the PDF output.

I recently submitted a paper to arXiv.org. Initially my LaTeX source file contained the line
My submission was rejected immediately; so I commented out the line:
and my submission was accepted with no problem.

I was stunned by the difference in file sizes with and without the lucidabr line. Also the arXiv compilation is significantly larger than my home, sans-lucidabr compilation. I'd be very interested if someone could explain the size differences in the PDF output.

Here are my results:

lucida line - in or out

TeXShop/pdflatx - home
  no lucida line - 380.2 KB (389287 Bytes)
  lucida line - 158.8 KB (162632 Bytes)
  http://vic.norton.name/finance-math/notionalportf.pdf   (lucida line)

  no lucida line - 436.6 KB (447115 Bytes)



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