[lucida] Installation of old Y&Y Lucida fonts

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Sat Jan 23 19:03:53 CET 2010

Hi again,

I have another question/comment I find installing the original Y&Y
Lucida fonts too complicated. I've found the TUG installation
instructions here:


but they are very brief -- the part about "unzip and you're done" is not
very helpful when the zip file in question is not distributed :-)

Would it be possible to distribute the zip file in question, but without
the fonts themselves? I hope to get a file that I can just unpack in
~/texmf and then copy the fonts into a couple of directories.

I'll attach the output of 'ls -lR' in a directory with the content of
the two Y&Y floppy disks (yes, they came on floppy disks!). This is my
starting point when installing the fonts, so it would be excellent if
someone could detail the installation in terms of "move these files
there", "download that", etc...

Right now I've managed to get them working on a Debian unstable system,
but I have another Redhat system where documents compile without errors
but the PDFs use Computer Modern instead.

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Martin Geisler

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