[lucida] AMS symbols, TrueType versions

Antonis Tsolomitis antonis.tsolomitis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 10:16:26 CET 2010

>     3) Can I obtain or create TrueType versions of the fonts I buy so that
>     the fonts can be used in figures produced outside LaTeX with a vector
>     graphics program?
> No.  At this time, only Type 1 is available from TUG (or PCTeX).

You do not need this. It is not a good idea to use any TeX fonts
directly with a vector graphics program.

The best way is to just put labels in your graphic, say A, B, C using
any font, then save to eps
(dia does this fine with eps (Latin-1 fonts)) and then have LaTeX change
the labels to what you want
using \usepackage{psfrag}.

So a code block like this:

\psfrag{A}{$x\in\mathbb R$}

(no empty lines before  the graphics)

will change the labels A and B to the code next to them with your
document fonts!
Notice that this technique allows you to have fine control of
positioning your text on the graphic
like I do above with the \hspace* command, something that it is usually
difficult with graphic programs,
since they often use a grid and you can not put things exactly at the
position you want.

Finally notice that dvi will not show the changes on the graphic. You
have to produce ps files or pdf through ps first.

This is really the best technique.


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