[lucida] AMS symbols, TrueType versions

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 8 22:51:55 CET 2010

Hi Thomas,

    1) If I use Lucida as math font and need to use a special symbol from
    this popular symbols-a4.pdf list, this symbol will be in the default
    CM style, right? From your experience, does it hurt mixing in some
    symbols in CM style?

CM and Lucida don't go especially well together, but you can do it,
sure.  There are lots of free math fonts out there.

    2) I read that Lucida math contains a lot of common symbols - are
    those all from amssymb 

I can't say offhand that 100% of amssymb symbols are in the Lucida math
fonts, but there are indeed a lot of them.

    or is there a list of provided symbols anywhere?

For all the details of the fonts, you could peruse the metric files, e.g.:

The LaTeX macro support is also on CTAN, in case you want to look at that:

    3) Can I obtain or create TrueType versions of the fonts I buy so that
    the fonts can be used in figures produced outside LaTeX with a vector
    graphics program?

No.  At this time, only Type 1 is available from TUG (or PCTeX).

Best regards,

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