[lucida] Lucida + XEP PDF rendering engine?

Robert Nagle idiotprogrammer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 17:59:23 CEST 2010

I am having problems getting the Lucida/LucidaSans fonts to work with
my PDF rendering engine.

I am working on a technical book which previously was produced using
Latex. the font used was Lucida, and I just bought a license for it.
My company wants to use the same fonts as before.

However, this time I am producing the book from docbook xml files on
windows. Also I am using a Windows-based PDF rendering engine called
XEP. But it gives me an error message (printed below). I don't expect
you to know how to configure fonts for XEP. My problem is more basic
than that: Does the lucida zip file even contain the fonts in the
format I need? If it does, I can ask the XEP company to help me.

The example XEP configuration files provide a sample for using .afm
files like this (and I have substituted references to LucidaSans where
applicable). XEP has found the files, so the path is right.

 <font-group label="LucidaSans" >
      <font-family name="LucidaSans" >
        <font><font-data afm="lsr.afm"/></font>
        <font style="italic"><font-data afm="lbi.afm"/></font>
        <font style="italic" weight="bold"><font-data ttf="lsbi.afm"/></font>

XEP gives me an error message:

Started: "C:\Program Files (x86)\XEP\xep.bat" -fo "I:\My
Documents\work-related\4guide\index.xml_xslt" -pdf "I:\My
[error] No outline file for font metric 'file:/C:/Program Files
(x86)/XEP/fonts/lsr.afm'; font cannot be embedded
[error] No outline file for font metric 'file:/C:/Program Files
(x86)/XEP/fonts/lbi.afm'; font cannot be embedded
(document [system-id file:/I:/My Documents/work-related/4guide/index.xml_xslt]
  (validate [validation OK])

      (static-content [flow-name xsl-region-after-blank])
      (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body]
        [error] Unsupported file format or broken file found reading
font metric from file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/XEP/fonts/lsbi.afm: Not
a TrueType/OpenType file, or unsupported TrueType version: 21364.24946
error: formatting failed: com.renderx.fonts.BadFontDataException:
Could not obtain font metric for font family 'LucidaSans'
Process ended with exit code: 0

Reading some more in XEP documentation
, I see that  AFP fonts are not embeddable -- whatever that means.

Another example provided with the xep configuration file is this:

 <font-group label="Assorted Type 1" embed="true">
      <font-family name="OmegaSerifIPA">
        <font><font-data afm="IPA.afm" pfa="IPA.pfa"
      <font-alias name="OmegaIPA" value="OmegaSerifIPA"/>
      <font-alias name="Phonetic" value="OmegaSerifIPA"/>

I have no idea what this means, but it also uses afm and requires a
pfa file and a .glyphs file.

In the Lucida directory, I see a type 1 directory which only has pfd
and pfm files inside.

I don't know much about Tex/Latex; is there some easy script I can use
to convert the files to what I need?

Thanks for your help.



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