[lucida] installing lucida fonts

Erik Kruyt erik at forcheck.nl
Tue Aug 10 23:02:42 CEST 2010

I ordered and received the Lucida fonts from TUG but could not get the
example document working.


I have MiKTeX 2.8 installed on Windows XP.

I followed the supplied installation guide as far as possible and unpacked
in C:\Local Tex Files.


The installation guide refers to the program MiKTeX. However, there is no
such program in my installation. The supplied program TeXworks has different
menu items.


I added a path to C:\Local Tex Files an run initexmf from a DOS commandline,

Edited updmap.cfg using initexmf and run initexmf -mkmaps.


What should I do now?


Thank you for your help,

Erik Kruyt


Forcheck b.v.

Torenmolen 23

2317 NV Leiden



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