[lucida] Lucida Fonts in MikTeX2.8

P. P. Narayanaswami swami at mun.ca
Mon Oct 12 19:20:41 CEST 2009

I installed MikTeX2.8 in Windows Vista and wanted to use Lucida Fonts.  Hence,
I created a folder in C: (outside MinTeX2.8), called 
\C;\Usres\local_folder, and then a sub folder "lucida", and placed all .pfb 
files of Lucida in it, added the directory to the Roots, and  refreshed the
database.  When I pdfLatex a file using \usepackage{lucidabr},
I only get the output in Compter Modern Fonts.  
Also, if I load individual fonts with
 \font\lbh lbh at 12.345pt
 \font\lbkr lbkr at 12.345pt etc,
I get error messages
Can't find l.cfg 
Can't find lb.cfg,  and so on.
Hence, I guess the TFM files for all the Lucida fonts anot found by the
program.\I ws unde the impression that the TFM files already available in the
MikTeX tree, as well as texmf tree in TeXLive.  I did not have to add any TFM
files in my previous versions of MikTeX.

What is missing here, and how do I obtain all TFM files and where shoudld I
place them?
Any helop will be appreciated.

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