[lucida] 'renewing' old lucida install

vwf vwf at vulkor.net
Wed Mar 11 09:56:15 CET 2009


Hopefully this is the correct platform for my question. 

I have the full Lucida Bright set from Y&Y (the timestamps of my files
are 1997-11-01 11:50, and the lucidbry.sty is version 3.13, date
1995/12/11). I used these rather regularly until 2006.  Yesterday I
wanted to make a new document, but failed: the dvi-file looked OK, but
the ps-file had incorrect characters.

Some searching reveiled that TUG has a new set of style files for
Lucida. My first attempts to use these failed too. I would like to know
how to get things right and be able to compile my old articles and book.

My original working preamble contained:
\input stanacce.tex

My current LaTeX is texlive 2007.dfsg.1-5 on Debian Lenny.

Can someone tell me what needs to be done to get it right again?
I would like to come in line with texlive, and drop the old style files
if possible.

Thank you,


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