[lucida] Sans serif math with lucida fonts?

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Sat Dec 19 02:26:31 CET 2009

On  18 Dec, 2009, at 15:36, Mau V wrote:

> I use Lucida fonts (which I purchased years ago) in Latex docs with
> \usepackage[T1,altbullet,expert,nofontinfo,lucidascale]{lucidabr}
> Now, if I use them in a Beamer presentation I write
> \usepackage[OT1,altbullet,expert,nofontinfo,lucidascale]{lucidabr}
> (The OT1 is needed rather than T1 for reasons I do not really
> understand but that's it, otherwise I have some problems)

??? I use Beamer to produce TikZ graphics, and I haven't have to use OT1.

> Anyway everything is OK. I get a presentation with Lucida Sans both in
> text and in math.
> My problem now is to obtain a latex doc which should look like what I
> get in Beamer (a sans serif text with sans serif fonts in math, too).
> I have tried various combinations (also the package sfmath) but I do
> not get lucida sans in math.


> I copied some code from beamer class but it doesn't work. I get sans serif in text but not in math or other combinations but not what I want (i.e. something which looks like a beamer sans serif presentation with Lucida Fonts...)

See if this works for you:

\documentclass{book}%      % <- or article..., whatever
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}% <- or the input you use
\DeclareMathAlphabet{\msfsl}{T1}{hls}{m}{it}% <- from The LaTeX Companion, I think

Math as usual: $a + b = c$

Math sans serif, as usual: $\mathsf{a + b = c}$

Math sans serif slanted: $\msfsl{a + b = c}$


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