[lucida] Contents of Lucida basic and Lucida complete archives?

John Zaitseff J.Zaitseff at zap.org.au
Wed Apr 23 04:22:07 CEST 2008

Dear Lucida users,

I am trying to put together a proper Debian package that will allow
you to integrate the Lucida fonts into your Debian or Ubuntu system.
These packages will NOT, of course, contain the fonts by default:
they will use your copy of the relevant Lucida font archive
file. [1]

[1] I have taken this approach for other fonts already.  For
    example, you can download the following packages from my
    Debian/Ubuntu repositories at ftp://ftp.zap.org.au/pub/debian:


    In each case, the packages do not contain the fonts: you
    download the package source, point it at your OWN copy of the
    relevant fonts, then rebuild the package for local use.

    If you are interested in using these packages on your own
    system, please read ftp://ftp.zap.org.au/pub/debian/README

The (relatively minor) problem for me is that I purchased my Lucida
fonts from Y&Y many years ago.  These fonts (called the Lucida
Expert set at that time) came on a CD-ROM.  Thus I have no idea what
the name or contents of the current Lucida font archive files are---
information that I need to design the correct Debian package.

Could some kind soul, therefore, tell me the names of the archive
files, as distributed by TUG, for both the basic and complete font
sets.  In addition, could that soul produce a detailed listing of
the contents of BOTH archives: if the archives are ZIP files, by
running "unzip -l", if a TAR archive, by running "tar ztvf ..." or

Once again, the purpose of this Debian package is to integrate the
Lucida fonts into your own Debian or Ubuntu system, NOT to
distribute the fonts to others (unless, of course, you are legally
licenced to do so).

Yours truly,

John Zaitseff

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