[lucida] Getting LaTeX to recognise Lucida

Josep M. Font jmfont at inicia.es
Thu Jun 29 13:26:03 CEST 2006

El 29/06/2006, a las 3:04, Ian Fitzgerald escribió:

> I note there is a CTAN Lucida package: does this also need to be  
> installed?

Of course, besides the fonts themselves you need to *have* the LaTeX  
sytle file(s), and *use* them. The files are those contained inthe  
folder "tex > latex > lucidabr" of the package distributed by TUG,  
i.e., lucidabr.sty and the like (this one is the main one). Then you  
have to insert "\usepackage{lucidabr}" in your source document, with  
or without options; see the documents "source > fonts > lucidabr >  
README.TUG" and "source > fonts > lucidabr > lucidabr.pdf". One final  
thing: If you use the lucida fonts for math and want to have the ams  
symbols, do *not* use the amssyb package: lucidabr takes care of  
everything; in turn, it is useful to include the textcomp package.

Hope this helps,


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