[lucida] Installing Lucida on MacOSX 10.4.5 ?

Josep M. Font jmfont at inicia.es
Fri Jun 9 16:44:44 CEST 2006

Sorry if my "complain" sounded unpolite :-(

El 08/06/2006, a las 20:50, Karl Berry escribió:

> Other improvements to the documentation, on this topic or others, are
> most welcome.  I tried to write everything I knew about it when I made
> the distribution, so I need contributions to make improvements at this
> point.

I will try to make some suggestions. Maybe the main one might be to  
try to assemble everything needed into a few docs. Now there are  
several docs around, some of which are incomplete and/or too  
technical. For instance, when you purchase the fonts, you get

doc > fonts > lucida > lucida.txt
doc > fonts > lucida > readme.lucida
source > fonts > lucidabr > README.TUG
source > fonts > lucidabr > lucidabr.pdf
doc > fonts > lucidabr, which contains 3 demo files and 2 licenses.

The first two are, in my opinion, too technical. The third one  
contains the real installation instructions, which may be improved,  
and the fourth one seems to be the usage instructions, but is not  
really helpful. See below for suggestions.

El 09/06/2006, a las 7:08, Vincent Manis escribió:

> Well, it wouldn't hurt to include something like:
> - If you're using TeX Live, do this
> - or if you're using MikTex, do this
> - or if you're using teTeX or a derivative, do this
> - or if none of the above, consult your documentation

I second this proposal. These seem to be the most popular settings.

> The whole font issue is really hairy, and as a TeXnician of some
> standing (I learned TeX from reading a
> prerelease of TeX The Program, back in 1982) it has caused me
> considerable trouble over the years.
> A lot of the system documentation is unhelpful, in particular the
> MikTeX and teTeX manuals, in that they
> assume the reader has read and understood all the KPathSea
> documentation, among other things.

That's what I meant.

> Surely amongst ourselves we can provide a few sentences of
> encouraging help for Karl's next revision.

Certainly. Here are my proposals:

1) Installing (to add to README.TUG): For Mac OS X GW's distribution,  
I would say that after unzipping, everything should be moved either  
to (a) ...../texmf.local or to (b) ~/Library/texmf/ (depending on  
whether you want the fonts to be accessible to every user or just to  
yourself), keeping the directory structure that results after  
unzipping. In some cases, this means just moving entire directories,  
in others this means moving only the relevant subdirectories, as you  
might have part or all of the tree structure already created. I would  
advise to copy rather than to move, then it is easy to check the  
resulting tree structure against the one in the unzipped folder, and  
to restart if something is wrong.

Then, open a terminal window and run: In case (a), sudo mktexlsr,  
sudo updmap-sys --enable Map=lucida.map [or with the -H option? I  
didn't understand]. I don't know whether this is the correct order,  
to be sure I run mktexlsr again. In case (b), just updmap --enable  
Map=lucida.map [if I am right]. Or is the mktexlsr step also needed  
after updmap ? [The problems is that I don't know what updmap does, I  
see it (re)creates several files]

2) Using the LaTeX packages. The most useful place I found is in an  
obscure location:
texmf.tetex > doc > latex > psnfssx > lucidabr.txt. Here all the  
available options of the "lucidabr" LaTeX package are described! I  
would merge this with lucidabr.pdf.

There is one point to be added, if I am right: When using the  
lucidabr package one gets all macro names for AMS symbols defined for  
free, and taken from the lucida math fonts, without having to load  
"amssymb.sty" neither "amsfonts" (I infer this from experience and  
from the fact that an option "noamssymbols" is described). This  
should be told explicitly, and also  point out that you still need  
"amsmath". It is not even mentioned in the demo file "lucida- 
amsmath.tex" (but looking at the source you see it is so).

I suppose it is useful that the zip file you download gets expanded  
to a folder/directory that matches the tex tree structure, but the  
main readme file(s) should be more visible.

Hope this helps, it's a user view...


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