[lucida] Getting LaTeX to recognise Lucida

Ian Fitzgerald ianf at ozemail.com.au
Sat Jul 1 22:35:33 CEST 2006

In message <200607011710.k61HALp23962 at f7.net> you wrote:

>     c:/Program Files/TeXLive/texmf-var/web2c/updmap.cfg unchanged. Map files are not created.
>     c:/Program Files/TeXLive/texmf-var/fonts//map/pdftex/updmap/pdftex.map
> For starters, please send me the actual updmap.cfg and pdftex.map files.
> Apparently lucida.map is already in updmap.cfg, so it should be in
> pdftex.map too.  Puzzling.  Sorry this is such a pain ...
> karl

Herewith requested files as attachments.

Where can I find documentation of these commands?


Ian Fitzgerald
ianf at ozemail dot com dot au

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