[lucida] Questions

Hans Friedrich Blenkle hans.friedrich at blenkle.net
Sun Feb 26 17:44:21 CET 2006


I'm a TeX user and a member of Dante in Germany.

For my job I write a lot of documents using LaTeX, but I'm only a user 
of the TeX system and not a "guru". I also bought the commercial fonts 
Thesis from Lucas. They are PS1 fonts but I couldn't integrated them 
into the TeX system. So I bought Bakoma TeX because Basil integrated me 
the fonts in his system.

Now I bought the second edition of the LateX Campanion in German and it 
looked great. In the last edition of Dante's publishing "Die TEXnische 
Komödie" stood that the fonts are for selling via the TUG shop.

Now my question: I'm very interested in buying the fonts. But are there 
any installation papers so that I can integrate them into my TeX system? 
  It can be for MikTeX because when I have the fonts, I will switch to a 
free TeX system.

Thanks in advance.

Hans Friedrich Blenkle

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