[lucida] textcopyright

Harri Haanpää Harri.Haanpaa at iki.fi
Thu Feb 2 12:56:42 CET 2006

volker> when I load lucidabr, I would expect an optimal setup for
> >     LucidaBright

Just my two cents from a user perspective.

I got the Lucida fonts recently from TUG. When I read that they don't
support OT1, that was no problem - with OT1 I couldn't get hyphenation
of words with accented characters to work anyway, so T1 is already a
kind of a default for me.

When I read [from lucida-sample] that to get old-style numerals, one
would need the textcomp package, that was no problem - old-style
numerals are a bit special and it's ok to have to load a package and
issue a magic command to get something special.

Now I read on this list that whenever I use lucidabr, as I understand
it, I will most likely want to use textcomp too. That's a bit of a
surprise to me, but I can live with that too. I find it a bit
surprising though as I haven't noticed anything in the documentation
about this. And I don't know much about the various font encodings and
LaTeX, so I have literally no idea about what textcomp does, but it's
ok, I don't need to know.

It would be nice if all this were documented prominently somewhere,
though. Documentation or warnings, anything.

So, just to make sure, what is the magic incantation I need to do to
get things to just work?

\usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} % is not directly related to this really is it
\usepackage{lucidabr} % with some options maybe

perhaps? Does the order of loading these packages matter?


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