[lucida] Problems with lucida in tetex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 2 01:08:48 CET 2006

    One strange thing though is that if I run my tex file in GNU texmacs 
    that the fonts are found and everything is diplayed correctly but if I 
    run in Texmaker or Kile I get the ugly output.

Oh.  Well, that would imply that it has nothing to do with your TeX
installation per se, but rather that Texmaker and Kile are somehow
managing to do the wrong thing.  Perhaps they are overriding the trees
being used, or using some independent mechanism to find fonts, or who
knows what.  I'm not at all familiar with them, sorry, so about all I
can suggest is to ask on a kile or texmaker list.


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