[lucida] Problem with fonts not being found

Michael Peters mpeters at mac.com
Thu Apr 6 16:43:54 CEST 2006

> After upgrading to Fedora Core 5, and reinstalling lucida, I realized
> that I had not recorded the fix for mktexlsr putting it's file in the
> right place.  Sorry to bring this up again, but I'd sure appreciate the
> help in getting this taken care of.

What I'm using is this:


Run the shell script on
(the shell script adds a texmf tree to your TEXMF path)

and install the yum package on that page.

Then -
su -c 'yum install tetex-lucida'

to get the free part (the .sty and .fd files etc.) updated to current (in the new texmf tree - it won't replace FC5 files)

Then -


It's a nosrc.rpm

1) run fedora-builrpmtree (as your reg user), it's in fedora-rpmdevtools
2) put the lucida zip file from tug in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
3) rebuild the nosrc.rpm (as your reg user) with
rpmbuild --rebuild thenosrc.rpm

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