[luatex] luatex doesn't set /Smask in pdf 2.0

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Wed Jun 30 19:05:59 CEST 2021

Am Wed, 30 Jun 2021 18:25:27 +0200 schrieb Hans Hagen:

>> The point is always the same: without a public 2.0 reference, we can 
>> make patches here and there
>> while waiting for the next failure.

> We can probably gamble that version 2 supports it so we could add some 
> "or version > 2" to the test but indeed 'no standard on our machines' 

Sorry but as David wrote: the current test is simply wrong. The
pdfversion consists of major and minor version, and if you want to
test for it you can't now restrict the test to the minor version
only because at some time it was enough. 

Imho it is quite safe for you to assume that something that was
added with pdf 1.4 and kept until 1.7 isn't suddendly incompatible
with 2.0. Both pdftex and xetex add the SMask and I didn't find any
indication that it is deprecated in the reference. 

But if you are unsure you can add an option to enable or disable and
leave it to the user. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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