[luatex] Creating a token list

Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 21:22:26 CET 2019

On 6/03/19 3:26 AM, Javier Bezos wrote:
> I wrote:
>> How can I create a token list to feed a "write"
>> whatsit? For example, let's suppose I want to write
>> \string\doit{\the\lastypos}.
> :-/ Is there no way? Well, I can define a box with a
> \write and then inspect the node (and it works with
> some caveats), but there must be a pure lua solution.

I have no idea what you mean.  Your description is very unclear.  Is it
something like this that you want to do?



tex.scantoks("doittoks", 0, "\luaescapestring{\setbox\doitbox=\hbox{\string\doit{\the\lastypos}}}")
for n in node.traverse_id(node.id"glyph", tex.box.doitbox.list) do


> Javier

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