[luatex] Problems with LuaTeX 1.0.8

Jeremie Knuesel knuesel at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 19:22:14 CET 2019

I did some tests based on Debian's TeX Live 2018. I could reproduce the
difference with Patrick's plain LuaTeX example: with luatex 1.07.0, the
example gives "torn by" on one line. With luatex compiled from the latest
trunk version, there is a linebreak after "torn".

According to my tests the offending commit is revision 7009
"disable-dump-share by default" on the experimental branch. This is a small
commit that simply changes a build flag:

diff --git a/build.sh b/build.sh
index 8b2244fb3..fa67daefe 100755
--- a/build.sh
+++ b/build.sh
@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ TL_MAKE=$MAKE ../source/configure  $TEXLIVEOPT
     --disable-largefile \
     --disable-xetex \
     --disable-ipc \
-    --enable-dump-share  \
+    --disable-dump-share \
     --enable-coremp  \
     --enable-web2c  \

I tried reverting to "--enable-dump-share" on the latest trunk branch, and
indeed I then get the same output as with luatex 1.07.0...
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