[luatex] retrieving *all* annotation object numbers from a link

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Sat Feb 9 17:31:14 CET 2019

The plain document below creates a link which is broken over two
lines and so creates two annotation objects in the pdf 

1 0 obj
<</Type/Annot /Border[0 0 1]/Rect[72 759.927 128.693 766.055]
6 0 obj
<</Type/Annot /Border[0 0 1]/Rect[72 747.972 129.009 754.1]

With \pdffeedback lastlink I can retrieve the number 1 of the first.
Is there a way to get also the numbers of the second (and of follow
up numbers if the link is broken in more part?)

(I need the numbers as according the pdf reference in a tagged pdf
all annotation objects of a link should be in the StructElem object)

\pdfvariable compresslevel0
\pdfvariable objcompresslevel 0
\pdfextension startlink
  attr {/Border[0 0 1]}
      } text text \par text text%
  \pdfextension endlink

\pdffeedback lastlink


Ulrike Fischer 

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