[luatex] MPlib + graphictext

Troy Henderson thenders at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 13:56:33 CET 2019

>      \startMPpage
>      % drawing....
>      \stopMPpage

Thank you Henri.  I have used ConTeXt a bit in the past, and so I am
familiar with this.  One feature that I would like to know how to
accomplish is how to use a True/Open Type Font (TTF/OTF) without having to
go through the entire installation process of such a font.  In LuaLaTeX, I
simply have to place my custom TTF/OTF in the same directory as my .tex
file and do


I cannot find the corresponding way in ConTeXt to accomplish this.  In
years past, I used the simplefonts module to use True Type Fonts, but that
may be obsolete.  The following does not work for me

% drawing

I would appreciate help with this.  Thank you in advance,

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