[luatex] A possible bug

Javier Bezos listas at tex-tipografia.com
Thu Apr 4 17:29:19 CEST 2019

Maybe it has been already fixed, but I can't install 1.10
right now, so first a little favour. What do you get with
the following document (plain luatex):


function test (head, g)
   texio.write_nl('==== ' .. g)
   for item in node.traverse(head) do
     if item.id == node.id'glyph' then
       texio.write('{' .. item.char .. '}')
     elseif item.id == node.id'dir' then
       texio.write('<' .. item.dir .. '>')
     elseif item.id == node.id'glue' then
       texio.write(' ')
       texio.write('[' .. item.id .. ':' .. (item.subtype or '?') .. ']')
   return head

% callback.register("pre_linebreak_filter", test)
callback.register("hpack_filter", test)

ABC \hbox{abc \textdir TRT fgh} DEF

\textdir TLT

ABC \hbox{abc \textdir TRT fgh} DEF


With 1.07 the log shows:

==== hbox
{97}{98}[13:0]{99} <+TRT>{102}{103}{104}
==== hbox
{97}{98}[13:0]{99} <-TLT><+TRT>{102}{103}{104}

Note the extra node with a closing dir after setting
explicitly the global \textdir to TLT (which is the
default dir). The stuff after this node is discarded.

Does 1.10 give the same result?


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