[luatex] simple question: how to select LM font

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Sat Sep 8 22:57:00 CEST 2018

Am 08.09.18 um 22:38 schrieb D. R. Evans:
> This is my first attempt to use luatex. I am running up-to-date 64-bit debian
> stable.
> I have the Latin Modern fonts installed, but don't know how to get luatex to
> recognise and use them. In particular, because I will be using Unicode
> characters, I need access to the complete set of glyphs, not just the subsets
> available with the Cork and other old-style encodings.
> For example, the line:
>    \font\rm=lmr10

for LuaTeX:

\input luaotfload.sty
\font\LMR={file:lmroman10-regular.otf} at 11pt


> Causes:
>    ! Font \rm=lmr10 not loadable: metric data not found or bad.
> to appear in the log file.
> [\font\rm=ec-lmr10 works, but then I can't access the Unicode characters
> seamlessly]
> So, within luatex, how do I access the full range of Unicode characters
> encoded in the LM fonts?
>    Doc

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