[luatex] inconsolata package

Urs Liska lists at openlilylib.org
Mon Jul 30 21:20:25 CEST 2018

Am 30.07.2018 um 20:52 schrieb liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com:
> Ulrike,
> I tried to find a liLuaTex Forum but it doesnt seem to exist at all.
> I contacted the developer listed in the README but no answer yet.
> Since several people here redirected my questions to rather ask at 
> lyLuaTeX do any of you know where the lyLuaTeX FORUM is located ?
> Google brings up nothing, Neither does CTAN list it.

Well, I have more than once pointed you *exactly* to the two places 
where your questions should be discussed: lyluatex's issue tracker at 
Github and the lilypond-user mailing list. I will *not* repeat the exact 
URLs that I have given multiple times, though.


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