[luatex] lyluatex compile problems

liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com
Sun Jul 29 18:50:15 CEST 2018


Thanks for thy kind and detailed answer.
There is currently NO commercial software I could find that can 
intermingle TeX and Musical Nortation.
I am really thankful that you guys did this.
Now if only you have a midi interface that could play the Notation in 
the document by means of player buttons, but I understand that doesnt 
exist yet.
Frescobaldi does that, but unfortunately cannot add text inline to 
scores creating a document.

I might want to create such a frontend for lyluatex.

I will take your concerns noted below seriously.
It is just difficult to figure out the differences between
luatex, lyluatex, lualatex and which interfaces with lillypond for 
someone new to luatex (I am an old-time LaTeX/TeX user though )
So I will step on your toes for a while unintentionally.

Are you going to remove lyluatex.tex file in future ?
The reason I ask is that I want to learn lyluatex by studying the code 
creating the manual, so I will have to add all the other packages in the 
headers of the TeX file.
If I am not supposed to have it let me know, but the manual does EXACTLY 
what I want so it THE example file for me. It has everything by design.

If I am allowed to use it and you have the time and patience...
1) Are only the packages listed n the header needed to compile the 
manual ?
2) Are there any other unforseen issues compiling it you know of that 
could save me time before I delve into it myself ?

This is possibly the best music typeset software that I have seen in my 
I cannot think of anything that can beat it.
Enormous !!!
Hope the Universities at least will use it and stop teaching people to 
be Joe-mousepusher.


On 2018-07-29 12:28, Urs Liska wrote:
> Am 29.07.2018 um 17:59 schrieb liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com:
>> a) Ok good to know that explains the compiling problems fundamentally.
>> If the manual were a lyluatex file it would have been one of the 
>> greatest tutorials right there.
>> What I tried to compile is the manual in the zip download here
>> "https://ctan.org/pkg/lyluatex?lang=en"
>> Which seemed to be the  lyluatex code, but I am seemingly mistaken.
> No, you're not mistaken. I wasn't aware of the fact that the script
> preparing the CTAN upload actually produced that lyluatex.tex file.
>> b) Ok
>> c) Ok I saw that, but where that was mentioned there was no direct 
>> compile instruction. The option --shell-escape was mentioned in the 
>> body text and there was no direct compile command.
>> If
>> "lualatex --shell-escape somefile.tex"
>> were in the instructions I did not have to ask this question, but it 
>> is absent.
>> Would be a good idea to add that.
> I'll try to keep that in mind. It would be great if you could open an
> issue on the Github issue tracker at
> https://github.com/jperon/lyluatex/issues about it.
>> Question:
>> 1) Since I cannot compile the manual and use that to learn lyluatex, 
>> (my preferred latex way to learn is just to work through the code 
>> compiling the manual. (Last 20+ more years taught me that is by far 
>> the best way.)
>> Is there an indepth lyluatex manual that is compilable with luatex ?
> This .tex file *is* compilable with lualatex (not luatex!).
> Please first try the other things I told you about, and if that
> doesn't work please post more details about the errors. But this is
> not a luatex issue, so this list may not be right place to discuss.
> Please either subscribe to the lilypond-user mailing list or open an
> issue on the issue tracker.
>> 2) Is there an archive with lots of lyluatex document examples 
>> combining both text and musical notaion in the document ?
> lyluatex is actually brand new, so there is no such archive (yet).
> Urs

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